alberto del rio

It was reported on Monday that Alberto Del Rio and Paige got into an altercation at the Orlando airport over the weekend, and now Alberto is being investigated for domestic battery charges. Paige later came out on Twitter and claimed that they were the ones who called the cops after a woman allegedly threw a drink at Alberto.

TMZ has obtained audio from the altercation, and Alberto can be heard saying “…call the cops…Let’s do it. Get the cops.”

Paige then responds by saying “Just stay out of my life. Leave me the f**k alone. I’m trying to get away from you. All the time. Yes, you deserve it.

Alberto the tells Paige, “I’m pressing charges against you. You are pressing charges against yourself.”

Paige fires back with “…press charges…press charges… It gets me the f**k away from you.”

Alberto follows up with “Let’s go. I’m following you.” Then a fan tells him not to follow her.

Alberto then told the fan, “You’re not gonna let her go. Call the police. She assaulted me. She needs to be arrested.” The current GFW Champion then says they got into a fight at a restaurant before the audio ends.

It certainly doesn’t sound like Paige and Alberto had a good day at the airport. You can check out the audio clip below.