roman reigns

Roman Reigns and The Undertaker headlined WrestleMania this year and they did not disappoint. This was undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated matches on the WrestleMania card and everyone was talking about it because it’s been rumored that his match with Roman Reigns could be The Undertaker’s last. Before the match kicked off, Jim Ross made his way down to the commentary table to call the action.

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As soon as Roman’s music hit, the crowd erupted with some very strong and intense boos. But Roman didn’t seem phased as he stood at the top of the ramp, cocked his fist, and then punched the ground as pyro exploded all the way down the entrance ramp.

Before The Undertaker’s music hit, the commentators reminded us several times that Taker is 23-1 on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

The Undertaker’s entrance was just as epic as it always is, and The Deadman took his sweet time walking down the extra long entrance ramp. Taker stared down Roman as he entered the ring, but Roman didn’t look intimidated at all.

Taker threw Roman out of the ring twice and told him to stay out of his yard. The crowd was clearly behind The Undertaker.

The match was no holds barred, so Taker and Reigns took advantage by battling outside the ring.

Taker cleared off two announce tables, and Roman speared him through the Spanish announce table. Roman got back in the ring and said, “whose yard is it now Taker?” Undertaker sat up on the outside and then got back in the ring where Roman stomped him into the mat.

Undertaker followed up with the Last Ride then brought a chair into the ring. Taker chokeslammed Roman onto a chair, but only got a two count. He stood up and called for the Tombstone. He hit it but Roman kicked out.

Taker went for another Tombstone, but Roman got out of it and hit him with the Superman punch.

Later in the match Roman beat Taker down with a chair then went for another spear, but Taker kicked out and Roman looked on in disbelief. Roman stood in the corner and waited for Taker to get up then he hit another spear, but Taker kicked out again.

Roman hit another Superman punch then went back to the corner and Taker sat up in the middle of the ring, but then fell back down. Taker struggled to get up, and Roman looked conflicted like he didn’t want to put The Undertaker down.

Roman hit another spear and this time he put The Undertaker down as the crowd booed Roman.

The Undertaker is now 23-2 at WrestleMania.

Roman Reigns then left The Undertaker in the middle of the ring as he walked up the entrance ramp. Reigns stopped to look back at the ring and he raised his hands as pyro went off.

Roman’s music stopped playing and the fans chanted “Thank You Taker!” Undertaker continued to sell the beating he just took and he didn’t move. He slowly sat up as the crowd cheered.

They showed a replay video and when the camera came back to the ring The Undertaker was standing with his coat and hat on. He looked around at the fans as they gave him a standing ovation. Taker had a somber look on his face and he walked around the ring for a while. He put one foot through the ropes, then decided to step back in the ring as he soaked up his moment.

He took his gloves, jacket and hat off and left them in the ring. Taker then walked over to his wife and kissed before making his way up the entrance ramp.

No official announcement was made, but Undertaker’s send off lasted for quite a while, so it seems that this match may have very well been his last.

Taker raised his fist one more time to end the show.