The Hardys are back in the WWE Universe and that feels good to say. But, there has been a lot of questions surrounding their gimmick. Although they skyrocketed to the top of the pro wrestling world with the iconic Broken characters, Impact Wrestling is claiming ownership of it and has threatened legal action in the past about it.

But the Hardys are back and they are the new Raw Tag Team Champions. When the New Day interrupted the start of the triple threat match and made it a fatal 4-way ladder match, the crowd exploded. When the Hardy Boyz music hit it was a WrestleMania moment of grand proportions. But Matt and Jeff came out looking pretty Un-Deleted to us.

Matt didn’t have his signature entrance attire on, and Jeff looked very Un-Brother Nero like. Even though they came out and looked different from their Broken Universe personas, they were still back home in the WWE Universe and that’s all that mattered.

The Hardy Boyz (with a “Z”) are now back in WWE and the camera caught up with the Hardys to ask them what they would expect when they debut. Matt made a point to say he expected a lot of “delete” chants. But, if you’ll notice his accent of Broken Brilliance has apparently been deleted too.

Impact Wrestling may be obsolete, but WWE still doesn’t want a lawsuit because they don’t have time for that kind of nonsence.

After their victory in the ladder match the Hardys seemed to have changed thier accent a little bit once again. Jeff was still in his Cameron North Calona dialect, but Matt’s speaking pattern seemed a little bit more Broken than before.

Matt used some words associated with the Broken Univsrse which would lead us to believe his new Hardy persona might be a combination of all the accents he’s ever used before. We’ll just have to wait and see how WWE uses them or how far they’ll let them go.

But if you were wondering if Matt threw a “delete” move during his celebration at WrestleMania 33, then here’s you delightful answer. It’s about to get very interesting in the WWE Universe.