WrestleMania 33’s main event match between The Undertaker and Roman Reigns became one of the most emotional in WWE history as it seemed that The Undertaker walked out of the Camping World Stadiumin Orlando, Florida for the very last time.

Undertaker removed his hat, gloves and coat and left them in the ring before the long walk up the ramp that saw him lift his right arm in his signature pose before slowly lowering out of the building through a trap door.

Undertaker’s attire was left in the ring as the ring crew began to clean the arena and the audience then began to leave.

The WWE Universe then began to tweet that the WWE production crew had still left the Undertaker’s famous ring attire in the ring more than 30 minutes after the TV cameras had finished filming.

It was later reported that WWE’s crew shut down the arena for the night and left Undertaker’s gear in the exact same spot.

WWE’s crew will now begin to take down the set that has taken them more than a week to build, but it is unknown when Undertaker’s attire will finally be moved. Could WWE cross over and open WWE Raw tonight with the attire in the exact same place in the ring?

Undertaker and WWE haven’t yet confirmed The Deadman’s retirement, but it would be a great way for WWE to open the show and say an appropriate farewell to one of the best-loved wrestlers in the history of WWE.