jeff hardy

The Club were set to defend their Raw Tag Team Titles in a triple threat ladder match against Enzo and Big Cass and Cesaro and Sheamus, but before the match kicked off The New Day made a huge announcement. They announced that the match would become a four way, and they introduced the fourth team, The Hardy Boyz.

The Hardy Boyz returned to a huge pop and they came out to their classic WWE entrance music. The fans in attendance were thrilled to see the team return and they greeted them with “welcome back” chants.

Matt and Jeff did what they do best, they dominated in the ladder match, and chaos ensued both inside and outside of the wrestling ring.

The match was like a giant car wreck that you just couldn’t turn away from and every team took full advantage of the ladders as they used them as weapons.

Matt Hardy hit Anderson with Twist of Fate off the ladder, and then Jeff Hardy hit a Swanton Bomb off a ladder, and he landed on Cesaro who was on a ladder below.

Matt Hardy then grabbed the belts to win the match.

That’s right folks The Hardy Boyz are the new WWE Raw Tag Team Champions.

One thing’s for sure, Monday Night Raw should be very interesting this week.