kevin owens

It’s time for KOMania II and this year’s guest was Chris Jericho. The stakes were high and the United States Championship was just a portion of the drama. Jericho got an old-school Y2J intro with a countdown from 10 and the crowd was pumped to see Chris in his blinking scarf that probably costs as much as a pre-owned Lexus. There was also a giant List Of Jericho on the stage, that was really neat.

The bell rang but these two competitors took their time before colliding. Kevin tried to use his brute strength, but Chris Jericho pumped to a Wall Of Jericho before Owens got out. Jericho hit a top rope dive to Owens on the mat and climbed the rop rope again once Kevin got back in. The crowd chanted “stupid idiot” as Jericho jumped down to take Owens out.

Kevin kicked Jericho in the face to slow the match down a bit. He climbed on top of him and rained down right hands onto Jericho’s face before hitting a cannonball in the corner. Then Kevin hit Jericho with another cannonball as Jericho sat on the apron against the post, that was innovative.

Owens kept control of the match and kicked Jericho as he taunted him. KO hit a running senton but only got a two count out of it. Kevin said “you don’t have any friends” and slapped Jericho in the face. Jericho hit Owens with a dropkick in return and then dumped Owens to the outside of the ring.

KO went for a powerbomb on the outside, but Jericho turned it into a backdrop. Jericho tackled Owens twice before throwing him back in the ring. Chris jumped to the top rope and hit an elbow on Kevin. Then Y2J’s offense continued for a bit.

Owens looked like he got busted open hard way above his eye. It wasn’t bleeding, but it sure looked like a boo-boo. Owens got on the top rope, but Jericho jumped up and delivered a Frankensteiner on Kevin Owens.

Y2J missed a Lionsault and KO caught some knees when he went for his top rope splash. Chris Jericho tried to hit another Lionsault but it was countered. KO climbed to the top rope and tried a senton, but Jericho brought his knees up. They were countering each other’s counters. This was epic.

Owens caught Jericho in mid-air and hit him with a spinning slam for a two count. Owens went for a pop-up powerbomb but Jericho countered and hit a Lionsault for a two count of his own. Both of these guys looked like they’ve been through a lot and they had.

Chris Jericho got Owens to his feet and continued his assault. Owens caught him in a hurricanrana and turned it into a Wall Of Jericho on Jericho. Chris writhed in pain and screamed in agony as Kevin Owens applied the pressure. Jericho teased a tap but rolled out of his own finisher move. Chris soon got out of the move but ended up taking a kick to the stomach. Chris Jericho countered a cannon ball by catching him in a Wall Of Jericho of his own. Owens finally made it to the bottom rope, but he sold the move well.

KO finally caught a pop-up powerbomb, but Chris Jericho kicked out. People were in shock. Kevin started to ramp himself up and he looked pissed. He walked over to Chris Jericho and picked his former friend up by his head. He yelled “you were never my best friend, you’re a piece of trash” as he slapped him. Owens went for another pop-up powerbomb, but Jericho turned it into a Codebreaker. 1-2-Kevin Owens grabbed the bottom rope with his finger to stop the count.

Kevin Owens sat Jericho up on the outside and powerbombed him on the apron. He then threw Jericho in the ring and got a clean win over Chris Jericho to capture the United States Championship at KOMania II.