Rip Rogers isn’t just the guy who sparked the whole “….dive” controversy, but he also traveled the world as a professional wrestler and trained many future legends. His mind for the business should be respected if anything because he’s done so much for so long.

Rogers was part of the Convertible Blondes who used the Freebird Rule to hold the Tag Team Titles in International Wrestling Championship during the late 1970’s. However, he left the company after an incident with Randy Savage. Therefore Rip knew Randy well.

Rip Rogers recently spoke to X-Pac 12360 about the only time he ever saw Savage break character.

“I saw Randy break character for about thirty seconds of his life once. He had this little dog and it died from parvo. And a tear comes down and he was Randy for like thirty seconds. And that was the only time I’d seen him break character.”

Rip also addressed some of the positives he sees in pro wrestling today. After all, Rip Rogers has been the source of some public attention recently due to his commentary about the fast-paced high-flying style of modern pro wrestling. He’s also not a big fan of wrestling blow up dolls or six-year-old girls either.

“Well, the guys are so athletic and anything that the guys do today, it’s not their fault. They didn’t have the advantage that we had of getting in the ring with forty-year-olds training twenty-year-olds night after night and learning. It’s wasn’t that they liked me, they were just trying to keep me from hurting them because I was so rotten. But you learned and you listened.”

Rogers comes from a day gone by which contained some of the best examples of pure professional wrestling you can find. He likes things crisp and clean and has a very high standard. But no matter how much you might disagree with Rogers, now you know he’s also a guy who witnessed a rare moment with the Macho Man.