renee young

Dean Ambrose spent the majority of 2018 so far sitting on the sidelines recovering from an injury, and he recently revealed that at one point he almost died after discovering he had an infection.

But luckily everything is back on track for Ambrose, and he made his return to Raw a few weeks ago.

Renee Young happened to be on commentary when Dean Ambrose made his return, but she decided not to share her thoughts on her husband’s big moment.

During an interview with Yahoo Sports, Renee noted that she stayed quiet on purpose because she knew how much the moment meant to Ambrose.

“That was by design. I think it made more sense because I knew for Dean, he had been waiting for almost nine months, and it was a huge, huge moment for him. Anything that I would have said in that moment would not have added. It was great just to sit back and see him in that moment. My heart was full for him.”

Renee Young recently became the first woman to join the Raw commentary team full time, and it’s not an opportunity that she takes lightly.

“I feel so proud, really, getting to help lead that march,” Young said. “I know there’s a long road ahead of me and there’s a lot of work that I need to do to really do this justice. It’s a big job, and I’m so excited to do that work.”