WWE has been forced to make some big changes due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the company moved all TV tapings to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

Talents have had to perform matches with no audience in attendance, and recently released WWE Superstar Heath Slater told Wrestling Inc. that everyone hates it due to the lack of crowd reaction.

“I hate it. Everyone hates it because the people is what makes it. My goodness! When I was a heel, the best thing was when I would have a dude in a hold and I would hear something. Someone would say, ‘Oh, you suck’ and I’d be like, ‘Oh, you shut your mouth!’ I’d just go off on them and that’s the best feeling in the world,” said Slater.

“But if there’s no one there and I’m going, ‘Shut your mouth’ then they’re gonna be like what’s he talking about? Is he okay?”

Heath Slater was released from WWE last month as part of the coronavirus related budget cuts. Stay tuned for updates on what’s next for the former WWE star.