vince mcmahon

Over recent weeks, WWE officials have booked far too many title changes. Alexa Bliss lost the Raw Women’s Title to Sasha Banks and then won it back a week later. The New Day recently dropped the SmackDown Tag Team Titles to The Usos, and Akira Tozawa dropped the Cruiserweight Title to Neville less than a week after winning it.

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The WWE Universe have been trying to figure out why there have been so many short reigns and title changes, but it turns out Vince McMahon is behind everything. It is being reported by Rajah that Vince wants to book quick title changes to increase the shock value on television.

The purpose was to get fans talking and build heat for the heel champions for Summerslam and afterward. It’s unclear how much longer Vince McMahon will want to play hot potato with some of WWE’s titles, but it seems that The Boss is just going through some kind of phase.

It’s hard to argue that Vince McMahon’s plans have worked to give WWE programming some more buzz, but the WWE Universe typically prefers organic title changes rather than having them just for shock value. Needless to say, the fans shouldn’t expect a lot more big changes.