Goldberg’s music played and he was shown backstage walking to the ring as everyone he passed applauded him. Goldberg was in full clothes, so he didn’t walk into the sparklers. That would have caused a fire, and WWE has had enough fires recently. Goldberg walked to the ring to a lackluster reaction from the live crowd.

Goldberg said this isn’t part of the show. After that, the crowd felt like they could clap for him too. Goldberg said the fact is in October he was approached to return. He said “this ain’t no damn script, I’m speaking straight from the heart so I’d appreciate it if you’d listen” after he got a couple “What?” chants.

He said his focus is now his family and as humans, we can accomplish great things. He said he’s the luckiest guy in the world and he was talking right to his son and wife. He said the fans can boo him or cheer him but his son is all that matters. That line got his son and wife crying.

Goldberg said in the last couple of months he’s accomplished what he set out to do. He told his wife and son he loved them and he listed all he did to give them a glimpse of what he used to be. Then he asked his son to get in the ring. We hoped he would keep his shirt on this time. When his son jumped over the barricade, he fell and Goldberg said, “that’s one more bump than I’ve taken in my entire career before last night.” That was funny line because it was true.

Goldberg talked about bringing the Universal Title to his son’s school and all that it meant to him. The fans chanted Goldberg’s name as he said this might be the last time people see him in a ring. He said he was there for his family, and as long as they appreciate it he will fight, push, and train and do whatever it takes to be himself.

He said 13 years away from the debacle they had at WrestleMania XX, he thinks that he and Brock did pretty good and we agree. Mania 33 was way better than 20, even with Stone Cold in the match.

He concluded his segment saying nobody knows “what or who’s next.” Then Goldberg and his son bowed to the crowd. But, before Goldberg left he said, “one more thing… never say never” and they left.

Jerry Lawler and Renee Young were backstage at their set. Jerry said he’s old school where bad guys got booed and good guys get cheered and Roman is a good guy. Okay, apparently he doesn’t watch the same show everyone else does.

Bayley came out and said she’s had a great WrestleMania weekend because she met a dog and a baby wearing a Bayley onesie. She said Kurt Angle told her “good luck” and she marked out a little bit. She’s great, really great. She watched a clip of herself winning the match at Mania and said she hadn’t watched it before. She said she’s “so weird” when watching the finish of her match.

Bayley said she’s never satisfied and she’s going to keep going in WWE. She said she’s got a long road ahead of her. She talked about how she just soaked in the moment during her WrestleMania entrance and it seemed like it lasted forever as she walked the 80-yards to the ring.

She talked about how big of a fan of the Hardy Boyz she was as a kid and would always get in trouble in PE because she always wore their pendant and it kept swinging up to hit her in the face. She said her teachers thought she was in a cult or something because of the design of the Hardy Boyz’ logo. This writer had the same problem believe it or not.

It was finally time for the main event of the broadcast: The Hardy Boyz. Matt said it was “absolutely intoxicating” to come back at Mania. Matt said they were hidden the whole time. They were kept away from everyone, came right up the stairs, and out into the sea of people.

Jeff felt like the curtain might be a time portal and they were stepping out into the future with all of the LED lights at Raw and Mania. They discussed their children but didn’t mention King Maxel by name. It sounded like they’re just regular guys now. The Hardys traveled through space and time to become veterans in WWE.

Matt was not in his Broken character whatsoever, even though he still had a couple infections like his light chuckle. That’s got to be hard to get rid of. He mentioned the Expedition Of Gold without name dropping Impact or ROH and said winning the WWE Tag Team Championships concluded their Expedition Of Gold.

Matt said it’s exciting because they have a new crop of opponents in WWE. He really put over the tag teams on Raw and said it’s going to be fun. He said they’re back to cement their legacy as the most exhilerating team in history and they’re happy to be home.