On the debut episode of “E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness” Edge and Christian had Goldberg as their guest. Whether you’re a fan of Goldberg’s Universal Title reign or not, he shared a very emotional story about having the championship and what it meant to him and his family and his body.

“I’m doing this interview from my gym in my massage chair” Goldberg said. “I am nothing but a machine now, I get up in the morning, I eat, I train, I eat, I go to the bathroom about twenty times intermittently throughout the day. Because I’m shoving fifteen to twenty thousand calories in my body and it doesn’t know what’s going on at 50-yeaes-old it has no idea. I get up in the morning and I look in the mirror and I’m like ‘what are you doing?'”

“I took the [Universal] Title to my son’s class, and this will encapsulate the experience. I’m standing in front of my son’s class, and I look at my son and my son thinks I’m a dick, let’s be perfectly honest. I’m like a drill sergeant with a heart. I mean my job is not to be his buddy. My job is to be a very responsible parent […] raising an extremely responsible member of society. And the love and the admiration and the, just that I saw in my son’s eyes as I stood in front of his class with that Universal Title, man it was like time had stopped. And it was the coolest thing ever.”

It’s nice to see Goldberg is able to enjoy a few aspects of his current WWE run, because word is he’s been quite miserable.

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