WrestleMania 33 was a night that will not soon be forgotten. There were plenty of monumental moments. But the show was capped off with The Undertaker making possibly his final exit from a WWE ring.

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Although he didn’t say anything to confirm his retirement the fact Taker left his gloves, coat, and hat in the middle of the ring sure gave that significant feeling. We were so sad by this turn of events and as it would turn out the fates might not have liked The Dead Man retiring either.

The only reason we say that is the fact that the WrestleMania 33 stage caught fire during The Dead Man’s send off. It was a small fire that was quickly contained, but a few people in Camping World Stadium were sill able to capture the emergency situation on their cell phones.

The Undertaker had a historic career and he is a sure-in for the WWE Hall Of Fame. He had a record of 23-2 at the Show Of Shows and on his way out he about burned the house down, literally.

There’s no doubt if The Undertaker’s body could go another ten years, he would. But he gave it all at WrestleMania 33 and ended his match looking at the lights. Or should we say he ended his match looking at the bottom of the massive ring that was constructed above the actual ring? Yeah, that seems more appropriate.

We were lucky to have The Undertaker as long as we had him though. Nobody had any idea the man formally known as Mean Mark in WCW would go on the become one of the biggest stars in WWE history, but it happened. At WrestleMania 33 The Undertaker proved once again why Mania is also called the Showcase Of The Immortals. There was also a fire, and that’s always fun.