It looks like if you really enjoyed the B Team BBQ this week on Raw then now you can get a backstage look at what it took to make this segment come to life. A script from Raw was leaked online today and as you can see it looks very real.

What is very interesting about this is the fact that not only are the puns scripted, but there are also some notes crossed out at the bottom meaning there was actually stuff they didn’t have time to include. The scene in question that they had to cut out was dealing with Rhyno wanting to continue chowing down on some bologna sandwiches instead of leaving with everyone in protest.

It’s a pretty nice look behind the curtain when this kind of thing comes out. It looks like Dean Malenko and Road Dogg are the ones to thank for producing this segment and it was originally scheduled to run around 8 minutes.

Maybe we will someday live in a day and age where the script for Raw is released to the public anyway. But until that day happens it looks like we’ll just have to settle for this rare look at what it took to make Raw a reality this week.

Enzo Amore is free and clear from any investigation and he’s not letting it get to him. At this point, he seems to be enjoying his life and could have a budding rap career on the way.

But it would be easy to argue that Enzo Amore’s WWE release was a bit unjustified at this point. After all, it was said he was let go because he didn’t tell WWE about the investigation against him and his attorney’s statement seemed to indicate he didn’t know anything about it until the news broke on social media.

There is a new petition online that you can sign if you would like WWE to give Enzo Amore his job back. At this point, there might not be a lot of signatures but only time will tell if a groundswell of support could see the Realest Guy In The Room make a WWE return.