randy orton

Randy Orton is the master of the RKO, there’s no denying that. For many years now Randy Orton has been delivering the RKO “outta nowhere” and it’s helped him win some of the most prestigious titles in WWE. It’s also helped him defeat some of the biggest names in the professional wrestling business, and Randy reached a major RKO milestone on Monday night.

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Randy Orton apparently hit his 1800th career RKO on United States Champion Kevin Owens at the WWE live event in Indianapolis on Monday night. Not only did his 1800th RKO put Kevin Owens down, it also helped Randy Orton win the match.

Check it out below.


Fans have obviously been asking who has been counting all these RKOs, and Twitter user @BaltOs1Fan is apparently the person who has been keeping track, as he’s putting together a career record book on Randy Orton.

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