Gregory Shane Helms is a remarkable high flyer who’s currently working for Impact Wrestling, and wrestling fans around the world also know him as The Hurricane.

The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion was kind enough to speak with us recently on Still Real Radio and he talked about a number of topics including Randy Orton’s infamous “dive” tweet, what Vince McMahon told him when he won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and more.

Randy Orton’s “dive” tweet got a lot of people talking about the state of independent wrestling, and everyone had an opinion about Randy’s comments. When asked about the comments Helms noted that he considers himself to be a bridge between the old school and the new.

“I’m the bridge between the old school and the new. I’m constantly trying to get those two sides to cooperate with each other. I’ve been that young guy that was trying to bring some new stuff and the older cats hated it, until they actually saw it. Some of the stuff the older guys say is right, but just their delivery is so pissy that you don’t even want to listen to them. Actually and that’s the same way too for some of the younger guys. That whole ‘I’m young, I can do whatever I want’ mentality, not respecting people that paved the way, that can kind of rub people the wrong way too.”

The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion also noted that Orton has a pretty good sense of humor, and he praised Randy for his work inside the ring.

“I think any message if it’s delivered properly it would be a little bit more receptive. He was being funny. But if you know Randy, and you understand his sense of humor, and you can hear his voice in your head, I could definitely hear what he’s saying. He’s a smart ass and Randy doesn’t have to do dives. He doesn’t need to do them, so it’s cool. Randy, he can actually make a headlock look better than most guy’s dives can make their dives look because he makes it look real. I’ve seen guys do dives, and half the time nobody makes contact. Then they jump up like nothing hurt when 9 times out of 10 it does hurt. You hit a guy in his head with your belly, hard enough to knock him down — that hurt somebody, it should hurt somebody. Or you might as well hold up a sign saying ‘hey this is fake as f*** and we don’t care if you know.’ But it just depends on the talent.”

Helms also jokingly offered some advice to Randy Orton.

“I actually told Randy, ‘you need to do a dive now just to throw everybody off.’ If he goes and does a dive the people would lose it. Then throw the guy right back in the ring, and put him in a headlock.”

The Hurricane is the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in the history of WWE, and some fans feel that the cruiserweight division is lacking star power. When asked if he could potentially return to WWE someday, the former champion said you never know.

“You never know. I’m back down around 205 now. I’m actually under 200 for the first time in forever. We’ll see. I still got a little contract with Impact that I can’t really have no conversations about going anywhere else until that contract’s up. But I watch it, I pay attention.”


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