WWE Network is worth way more than $9.99 a month at this point. With all of the libraries and other content of professional wrestling excellence only a click away it’s a miracle WWE hasn’t jumped up to a higher price point yet.

If you don’t subscribe to WWE Network yet, you really should. To give fans even more of a reason to jump on their network, WWE is releasing more exclusive content to the subscription service.

First off, WWE Network is releasing a ladder match collection for June. That is exciting because everybody loves a human demolition derby. This addition is no doubt in honor of the upcoming Money In The Bank pay-per-view and it’s right on time.

In a release from WWE, the description for the collection says: “The ladder match is one of the most exciting, high risk, high reward contests in WWE history. Find all your favorites in one place and witness some of the greatest Superstars of all time reaching for glory.”

WWE Network is also adding a collection in honor of the great Bruno Sammartino. This new collection of classic wrestling footage is sure to turn on the historian light switch in anybody’s head. “As the longest reigning Champion of all time, Bruno Sammartino remains one of the most beloved heroes in WWE history. Walk in the footsteps of greatness with this exclusive collection.”

In what could be the most exciting new addition to the WWE Network comes more episodes of Tuesday Night Titans. “This month travel back to the mid-1980’s with Tuesday Night Titans. Host Vince McMahon, and his trusty sidekick Lord Alfred Hayes, welcome a literal who’s who of WWE Superstars. This Collection offers a taste of this unforgettable series, featuring 10 episodes from this month’s VOD offering.”

Even though fans are only getting 10 new episodes of Tuesday Night Titans as video on demand content it is more than enough to get a taste of how outstanding this show was. If it gets enough clicks that might encourage WWE Network to release even more episodes sooner than later.

If you remember Tuesday Night Titans from days gone by, then check it out. But if you’re too young to have lived in the days of TNT, you can still join the action and become a fan of this time capsule of pro wrestling.

With so many new offerings from WWE Network you might find yourself just clicking around for hours unable to make a decision on what you want to watch more. I have that problem all the time, but it’s a good problem to have.