WWE is the house that Vince McMahon built and there is absolutely no denying that. When Vince McMahon wants to put himself or his family in a storyline he can do whatever the hell he wants because there is no one to stop him. Sometimes having the McMahons in WWE storylines is for the better and sometimes it’s for the worse.

The current storyline involving Triple H (and yes he is considered a McMahon now) abusing his power as COO has been hit or miss so far. It’s been a hit because it has a big time feel to it but it’s also been a miss because it also feels like it’s been done before. At this point it’s too early to judge how well this angle will work as it seems like it will be drawn out over a long period of time. There’s no denying that the Triple H COO storyline could be one of the best in recent years if it’s used to build new stars and push younger talent. There is however a little bit of reservation from those who fear that this is all just one big game (no pun intended) being played by Triple H so he can put himself back in the spotlight. Like I said we have to sit back and wait to see what happens.

Having the McMahons in storylines has made for some great moments such as the Vince McMahon/Steve Austin feud but it has also ruined some other potentially great storylines like when Triple H decided to stop all of CM Punk’s momentum two summers ago. There are always pros and cons of having the McMahons involved so without further ado let’s discuss some of them.


Pro: Putting The McMahons In a Storyline Makes It Seem Bigger

Like I said in the introduction putting the McMahons in a storyline automatically makes it seem important. As soon as Vince McMahon puts his fingerprints on a wrestlers storyline you automatically start to pay more attention. When Triple H, Stephanie, or Vince get involved it gives you the impression that something big is about to happen and the superstar that they are involved with must be the next big thing. In the end it fills the audience with a lot of hope that they might be watching the next big evolution of the company as a whole and from time to time getting the McMahons involved provides us with unforgettable moments that change the course of WWE history.


Con: It Feels Like It’s All Been Done Before

I know I can’t be alone when I say that watching the current McMahon storyline seems a little redundant. Haven’t we seen this all before? A talented WWE superstar wins the support of the fans and then the McMahons do whatever they can to knock him down just to spite the fans. It seems like it’s been done over and over and over and over again. I understand that there are only so many stories to be told and the classic power struggle between the fan favorite and their boss seems like it would always be an easy story to get over with the fans but that’s not always the case. Many of us that lived through the attitude era feel like this is just a rehash of the same old stuff and to an extent it is. Like I said I know that there are only so many different stories to be told but it seems like they just keep telling the same one with a slightly different cast of characters.


Pro: Triple H Is a Great Villain

When his career is all said and done whether you love him or hate him Triple H will go down as one of the greatest bad guys of all time. He has the power to make you hate him with the snap of his fingers. He knows how to get heat better than almost anyone in the game and he proves that week after week. When it comes to playing the authority figure who is drunk with power you can argue that not even Vince McMahon himself can do it as well as Triple H. Watching Triple H take control of WWE has been very entertaining so far and although we’ve seen a heel Triple H before seeing him portray an authority figure is fun especially for those that have been fans for a long time.

Triple H’s current character is easily one of the best villains in the last few years. The way he tells himself and the audience that he’s only doing what’s best for business is great because he comes off like a pathological liar that is trying to get everyone to buy in to his agenda. Triple H is doing a great job right now of playing the heel who is obviously evil as he still tries to convince us that he has everyone’s best interest in mind. There truly is no one better to play the antagonist in the current storyline than Triple H.


Con: Triple H Tends To Get Greedy

Having Triple H as the authority figure in this storyline has been pretty exciting so far but how long do you think it will be until he steps in to the ring and makes himself the centerpiece? If history is any indication it could be coming any time now. I honestly enjoy Triple H as the authority figure when he keeps his hands off of the superstars but when he steps in the ring with them…not so much. It’s not that Triple H has lost a step in the ring he’s still just as good as he ever was but the problem is that he seems to feel like he still needs to build his legacy.

Triple H doesn’t like to lose and he has a reputation for burying people which at this point is the last thing WWE needs. His legacy has already been built and there’s nothing he can do to destroy it now. He’s held just about every title in WWE multiple times, headlined WrestleMania multiple times, and worked with some of the biggest names this business has to offer. He doesn’t have to do anything more to get himself over or convince the audience that he’s a legend but he seems to think otherwise.

At first glance it would seem like this whole storyline is being built around Daniel Bryan as a way to get him over and solidify his main event status but that could easily change. At the drop of a hat if Triple H feels like he’s being overshadowed he could easily place himself right in the middle of this storyline and grant himself another title reign whenever he wants which would kill all of the momentum of this angle so far. Triple H abuses his power on screen and although I’m a big fan of his even I have to acknowledge that he abuses his power behind the scenes as well. If Triple H uses the current storyline as a way to simply feed his own ego instead of using it to get Daniel Bryan over then all hope is truly lost.


Pro: Getting The McMahons Involved Gets The Whole Roster Involved

One thing that has always been enjoyable about having the McMahons in a storyline is that it always seems to get multiple WWE superstars involved. During the attitude era you had many wrestlers trying to fight the corporation such as Mankind, Steve Austin, DX and many others which was great because it gave them a purpose as well as a storyline. The current McMahon storyline is working the same way as wrestlers such as Big Show, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and others who might normally have no direction are clearly being built up to rebel against the powers that be. This gives the WWE a great opportunity to make some new stars or reestablish some old ones that might have fallen from grace.

With John Cena away the time is now to build new main eventers and putting mid-carders against the McMahons is an easy way to help them make the jump from mid-card to main event.


Con: The Roster Could Be Overshadowed

Having the roster face off against the McMahons could make or break many superstars. Either it’s going to catapult someone to the top or sink them back down to the bottom. Having mid-carders go up against Triple H or Randy Orton who is currently playing the corporate champion could help quite a few superstars climb up the ladder in WWE as we’ve recently seen with Cody Rhodes. Much like Triple H however Randy always seems to have his own agenda and likes to feed his own ego.

Randy Orton and Triple H are already established and although they do need to look powerful at this point in the storyline they don’t need to look unstoppable. Randy may have many good years left in his career but he doesn’t need to be at the top of WWE for months at a time what he needs to be doing now is putting younger stars over. We know he can do it as he had been doing it for the past few years before becoming champion again and it worked out great. Randy Orton has always been in the good graces of the McMahons and I understand the importance of putting him back at the top but if he just continues to look invincible while always getting the upper hand both he and Triple H could end up overshadowing some superstars that desperately need a push.


There you have it. That’s my two cents on why having the McMahons in the current storylines can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Like I said time will tell where this storyline goes and hopefully it’s used to make some new stars we will just have to wait and see. Where do you think this storyline is headed?