ronda rousey

Ronda Rousey has got to be on top of the list of people WWE wants to bring into the company. She could mean huge money and word is that she’s training in the art of pro wrestling with Brian Kendrick which makes it even easier to believe it’s likely she’ll be appearing in the ring sooner than later.

Rowdy Ronda Rousey did stop in for the Mae Young Classic and apparently spent some time talking to Triple H about possibly coming in to WWE. She was also greeted by her friends in WWE like Natalya who were more than happy to see the UFC star at the event.

During the Mae Young Classic there was a pretty cool confrontation between Ronda’s 4 Horsewomen and some of WWE’s 4 Horsewomen too. It was a nice spot that was apparently Ronda’s idea.

You never know what could happen in WWE, but Dave Meltzer speculated in the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that since Ronda is training to be a wrestler the next chapter in her saga with WWE is figured to be at the September 12th live finale of the Mae Young Classic in Las Vegas. Of course nothing is official in that regard, but sometimes speculation can lead to reality if the hypothesis is grounded enough.

4 Horsewoman member Jessamyn Duke has also been training with Brian Kendrick in recent weeks therefore Ronda’s not the only one who looks like they’re getting ready for something inside the squared circle.

It is also noted although it’s unclear how long Bayley will be out due to injury she’s still one of the women booked in the upcoming possible 4 Horsewomen vs 4 Horsewomen feud. Let’s hope The Hugger can heal up in time for that program because it will probably be a big one for everyone involved.

Although there are a lot of moving parts in this whole situation it looks like Ronda Rousey and WWE might be getting closer than ever to actually making something official.