The fans in attendance at the Staple Center got a real treat last night. After The Rock called CM Punk and left him a chant-filled voicemail (can we address the fact that Dwayne Johnson still has Phil Brooks’ phone number?) the crowd got to see a movie being filmed.

They were shooting a scene for the upcoming film “Fighting With My Family” where Paige made her famous main-roster debut by dethroning AJ Lee on the Raw after WrestleMania 30. Only the real deals were not portraying themselves as Thea Trinidad was playing AJ Lee and Florence Pugh played the role of Paige.

Fans in attendance were able to capture some of the filming therefore, we get our first looks at the actors playing these iconic characters. As you can plainly see, these two were dead ringers for the parts they were portraying.

Thea Trinidad is a great choice for AJ Lee, and she really does hold a very good resemblance to Mrs. Punk.

Vince Vaughn, however, was nowhere to be seen so we still don’t know who he is playing yet at this point. The Rock did call him a “cream puff” in a recent social media post, which could be a hint. Then again, The Rock probably has the authority to call anyone a cream puff at this point.

We forgot how much we missed AJ Lee until we heard that song again.

After they filmed the speaking part, the principal actors took a breather and let the stunt doubles do the real work. There was probably a Blanchard in that ring somewhere, but you’ll never be able to tell once the film is finished with editing.