As we trudge on through the murky waters of Elimination Chamber and Fastlane before we really hit the Road To WrestleMania a lot of fans are looking at the big picture and wondering what WWE could do to really spice things up. After all, Rey Mysterio and Bobby Lashley are both free agents.

“Well either after Mania or before, I think at some point they’re gonna be there,” Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live regarding the chances of Rey Mysterio or Bobby Lashley returning to WWE before WrestleMania. The big Mania matches seem to be working toward their expected direction but there could always be a chance WWE might throw a huge curveball at us. They could be playing both sides to the middle regarding the rumor mill and do something totally unexpected. After all, the Road To WrestleMania is just beginning.

It’s unlikely Rey Mysterio could fit WrestleMania into his schedule right now. He has a lot of bookings all over the world which could conflict with WWE demands if he were to come back for a program toward the Show Of Shows.

It might be beneficial for WWE to allow Rey to work all of his dates just so they can get him in a marquee match at Mania. But then again, Mysterio is facing Jushin Thunder Liger for New Japan on March 25th. So there you go, would WWE allow him to come back and work for both companies? I highly doubt it.

As we previously reported the belief is Rey Rey is coming back to WWE, but it won’t be anytime soon.

Bobby Lashley is another story entirely because he is free to do whatever he wants and is just waiting for a call from WWE. We previously reported the belief is Lashley will be coming home to WWE and hopefully, this time his run will have a better outcome.

After all, Lashley’s had years to hone his craft and evolve as a character so his name alone should bring respect from the fans. The only question is when WWE will pull the trigger however, Lashley’s return seems more like a Raw After WrestleMania kind of thing. But Vince McMahon can do whatever he wants because it’s still his show.