We’ve seen the Usos go from mean guys to happy face painted Samoans to guards of the Uso Penitentiary where they are currently keeping the SmackDown Tag Team Division on lockdown.

But tag teams in WWE historically have a shelf life and most wind up fighting each other. In the case of the Usos, unless there was a hair vs hair match inserted somewhere in their program it might be hard for some fans to distinguish between the two of them.

But if The Usos did someday break up and feud with each other it could not only mean a big spotlight on Rikishi’s twins, but it might create a distancing between the brothers as well. One Uso could very well find themselves in a higher spot on the roster than the other and it could get awkward at family get-togethers.

Jimmy Uso recently spoke to Sportskeeda about the possibility of someday facing his brother Jey down the road. Right now they’re having a great time as a team so they’re not even considering a break up at the moment. But you never know what could happen in WWE.

“I don’t know man, never really thought about it,” Uso said. “As far as going singles, it really hasn’t crossed my mind, because we have so much more left to do in the tag division. The Usos have so much more to give. People haven’t seen all of us. … Another dream match would be me vs. my brother at WrestleMania. I grew up watching Bret vs Owen in a cage match, and they beat the living hell out of each other. I thought it was really cool, what they did. And they’ve been doing that all their lives. That’s the same way I see us whenever we get the chance for that to happen. But as far as a singles run right now, we’re just concentrating on the tag division.”

WWE does have an illustrious history of feuding brothers both literally and figuratively. So it might only be a matter of time before we get a Jimmy Uso vs Jey Uso dream match in a battle that only previously took place in a video game setting.