After Seth Rollins invaded the ring and called Triple H out only to have Trips come out, scoff at him and exit, Rollins was furious. He tried to take every member of security out in the process to get to Hunter, but was eventually thrown out while the crowd chanted “bull****.” Looks like they’re going to keep teasing the Triple H/Rollins encounter until they’ve teased us to death.

The Women’s Title match was next and Asuka had the best reaction from the crowd by far, even though they probably still wanted Seth Rollins. Nikki Cross really does look scary and came out without the rest of Sanity behind her. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce came to the ring together, so if you didn’t know which was which before this match, the entrance certainly didn’t help.

Nikki started the match by throwing a little bit of a hissy fit, Kay and Royce both exited the ring and left the two tougher looking women to take each other out while they watched from the outside. Kay and Royce didn’t stay out long, until then came in and jumped Asuka. Asuka mounted a comeback and executed a bulldog move that took out both of them.

Cross came back in to face off with Asuka but was stopped by Kay and Royce once again. Asuka performed a double German suplex on Peyton and Billie and they both exited the ring. Cross took advantage over Asuka for a moment, but Asuka executed a powerful pinning German suplex for a two-count.

Cross set Asuka up for a neckbreaker and sent Asuka to the mat. Cross got a close two-count and Cross started to throw a temper tantrum until Asuka threw her out of the ring. Nikki took advantage and pulled off a neckbreaker on Asuka to the outside. Cross then got on the top rope and used her body as a weapon against Billie and Peyton. Cross was the only woman standing for the moment until Kay and Royce ganged up on Cross and sent her against the barricade while Asuka still remained on the ground outside.

Nikki, Peyton, and Billie ended up in the entrance when Cross mounted the announce table with the intention to leap off of it onto her foes, but she was stopped by Kay and Royce. They got up on the announce table and sent Nikki Cross through a table next to the announce table. Then the two friends turned their attention back to Asuka.

Once in the ring, they put a knee to the side of Asuka’s face and got a close two-count. The two contemplated what to do next, but as they were attempting another move, Asuka took the chance for a comeback. Asuka ended up taking a neckbreaker, but kicked out again.

Asuka kicked Peyton Royce and Billie Kay a few times with stiff shots and pinned Peyton Royce for the win. Asuka retains her title, it looks like The Empress of Tomorrow is going to be sticking around NXT for a while longer.