bobby roode

It was time for the main event and it was sure to be a Glorious one. Bobby Roode came out and was escorted by 8 models that would make the Godfather jealous. Nakamura is incredible, I might be biased because he’s my first cousin (joke) but he has to be the most over person on the NXT right now by a long-shot.

Nakamura came out on a moving platform which carried him to the ring much like the one they used at WrestleMania 6. This kind of entrance didn’t bode well for Hogan that night, and Roode was primed to take the NXT title from Shinsuke Nakamura. The crowd sang along to Nakamura’s song in joyous fashion and they carried on their sing-along until even after the bell rung.

Before the match started the crowd traded chants between Roode and Nakamura, and ended up simply chanting for NXT in general for bringing them this contest. Nakamura stretched and began to circle Roode. The two hesitated and Nakamura started kicking Bobby as he got closer, but finally locked up. Roode took control for a moment, but Nakamura countered with an armbar which led into an exquisite sequence that concluded with Nakamura separating from Roode and inviting him to come back for more.

Roode and Nakamura were both so over with this crowd as they changed chants between Nakamura and “This is Glorious!” Nakamura went for Booby, but Roode put himself in-between the ropes in retreat.

Roode hit Nakamura with an elbow which slowed Shinsuke down and followed it up with an armbar that brought The King of Strong Style to the mat for a moment. Nakamura flipped and cartwheeled his way out of Roode’s hold but Bobby applied head scissors to Nakamura to counter him. Roode dodged a kick from Shinsuke and taunted him on. Nakamura kicked Roode in the stomach and dropped a knee on the Glorious one. Roode crawled to the corner and Nakamura attempted his Good Vibrations move, but Roode countered.

Nakamura threw Roode into the turnbuckle and Nakamura ended up on the top rope when Bobby flipped Nakamura over the rope onto the floor. Roode threw Nakamura into the ring steps a couple of times and maintained control and got a close two-count once he rolled Shinsuke back in the ring.

Bobby slammed Nakamura’s head into the turnbuckle and followed it up with a chop before he threw Nakamura to the other side. He clotheslined Nakamura in the turnbuckle and performed a double ax-handle off the top rope on the Japanese sensation. Roode kept Nakamura grounded with a rear chinlock, Nakamura attempted a comeback but it was squelched by Roode. Roode delivered a pair of high knee drops on a prone Nakamura and Shinsuke looked hurt.

Nakamura crawled to the turnbuckle and Bobby put some boots to him. When Nakamura got up, Roode sent him back down with a right hand. Roode performed his own version of Good Vibrations on Nakamura which Graves called “Glorious Vibrations” (by the way, wasn’t Corey Graves supposed to be replaced by Nigel McGennis tonight?)

Nakamura mounted a comeback and sent Roode down with a series of kicks, Nakamura put some knees into Roode’s stomach and finally executed Good Vibrations on Bobby. Nakamura placed Roode on the top turnbuckle and went for a knee strike, but Roode countered. Roode missed with a second double ax-handle, Nakamura placed Roode on the top rope once again and pulled off his knee strike.

Nakamura hit Roode with an exploder suplex and then waited for Bobby to get up, Roode got Nakamura with a quick roll-up pin, but Nakamura kicked out at two. Roode executed a back stabber on Nakamura while the crowd chanted “this is awesome.” Bobby attempted a Glorious DDT, but Nakamura countered.

Roode placed Nakamura on the top rope but Shinsuke held on to the top turnbuckle and didn’t allow him to pull off any move. Nakamura planted Roode’s face on the mat from the top rope and hit him with a stiff kick. Nakamura looked like he was going for his Kinshasa, but Roode threw up his feet and got a count with his feet on the ropes but the referee noticed and stopped the count.

Nakamura beckoned Roode on and ended up kicking and kneeing Bobby Roode all over the ring. Roode ended up draping himself over the bottom rope as Nakamura’s punishment continued. Nakamura rolled Roode up on an armbar but couldn’t lock it in, Roode looked limp for a moment but lifted Shinsuke’s dead weight over his head and planted him on the mat. Nakamura hit Roode with a Kinshasa, but Roode kicked out.

Nakamura positioned himself on the top rope and waited for Roode to get up. Bobby rolled himself under the rope, but Nakamura hit Roode with a stiff knee to the chest while standing on the ring apron. Both men ended up on the floor, but Nakamura got up first and rolled Roode in the ring. Nakamura prepared for a second kinshasa but appeared to have injured his knee in the process. Bobby Roode was out cold but Shinsuke couldn’t make it to his feet.

A WWE medic came in the ring and escorted Nakamura outside to check on him. Roode got to his feet and the referee told him to hold off on continuing the match. Nakamura remained outside but looked like he was trying to advocate on his behalf to rejoin the match. Bobby Roode hit a Glorious DDT on Nakamura as soon as The King of Strong Style made it back in the ring and got a very close two-count.

Roode didn’t waste any time and put Nakamura in a half Boston crab to apply as much pressure on Shinsuke’s injured leg as he could. NXT head trainer Matt Bloom came to ringside and looked concerned while Nakamura attempted a triangle submission but he couldn’t lock it in. Bobby Roode executed one more finishing move on Nakamura and Roode got the three-count.