The Queen of the Ring tournament kicked off a few weeks ago and several WWE stars pushed themselves to the limit as they attempted to win the crown. It came down to only two as Nia Jax faced off against Lyra Valkyria in the finals at the King and Queen of the Ring premium live event on Saturday.

In the end it was Nia Jax who picked up the win to become the 2024 Queen of the Ring. Lyra Valkyria put up a good fight, but the end of the match came when Lyra went for a sunset flip powerbomb on Nia in the corner. Valkyria tried hard to pull Nia down as Nia pulled on the ropes. However, Nia picked up the win when she countered with the Annihilator for the pin.

After the match Triple H appeared in the ring and hugged Nia as she cried. Nia Jax got down on one knee and Triple H placed the crown on her head. Then Nia Jax was interviewed and she said that people who don’t like her are about to be unhappy because she’s going to become the new WWE Women’s Champion at SummerSlam.

Triple H recently confirmed that the winners of the King and Queen of the Ring will receive a title shot at SummerSlam, so Nia will presumably be facing Bayley at the event unless Bayley loses the title before then.