The WWE King of the Ring tournament kicked off on Raw a few weeks ago and some big names from both Raw and SmackDown have been chasing the crown. Gunther defeated Jey Uso on the May 20 episode of Raw to advance to the finals, and Randy Orton defeated Tama Tonga on the May 25 episode of Friday Night SmackDown to advance to the finals as well.

As Randy Orton made his entrance he walked down the ramp extra slow as the fans loudly sang along to his entrance song. Orton continued to take his time as he stopped to stare at the crown that was placed outside of the ring. Corey Graves noted that Randy Orton was seemingly forcing Gunther to wait.

The crowd was electric for the entire match. Orton tried to slow Gunther down early with a headlock. Gunther got frustrated and hit Orton with several chops, but Orton bounced back and got the momentum on his side with a series of strikes. Orton went for the RKO early on in the match, but Gunther blocked it and Orton fell to the mat. Gunther then started targeting Orton’s lower back as The Viper sold a back injury. Randy also favored his left knee throughout the match which was taped up.

After hitting the draping DDT, Orton called for the RKO, but Gunther countered with a bodyslam and a splash off the top rope for a two count. Gunther went to the top rope again and Orton rolled out of the way as he jumped off. Orton hit the RKO then Gunther rolled out of the ring as Orton went for the pin.

Randy Orton dropped Gunther on the announce table twice then got back in the ring to break up the count. Gunther went for a powerbomb, but The Viper countered and hit Gunther with a back body drop on the floor then dropped him on the announce table a third time. As Orton tried to get back in the ring Gunther targeted the knee.

Gunther locked in a half crab on Orton’s bad knee. Orton got out of it only for Gunther to lock it in again. Randy pushed Gunther away, but The Ring General locked in the hold for a third time. Orton fought out of it again then hit the RKO for a two count. Gunther then grabbed one of Orton’s shoulders, put his leg on the other shoulder, and snuck in a quick pin on Orton to win the match.

After the match Triple H handed Gunther the crown and Gunther declared that he will become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion at SummerSlam.