The WWE King and Queen of the Ring premium live event took place from Saudi Arabia on Saturday and the show kicked off with a big match. Becky Lynch defended the WWE Women’s World Championship against Liv Morgan, and it was Liv who walked out with the gold.

Near the end of the match Becky Lynch had Liv Morgan in the Dis-arm-her, but Dominik Mysterio appeared out of nowhere so Becky released the hold because she got distracted. While Becky was distracted Liv Morgan hit the Codebreaker, but Becky kicked out.

Dominik grabbed a chair and slid it into the ring toward Becky Lynch while Lynch was laying on the mat. Then Dom distracted the referee, but as the referee was distracted Liv Morgan hit Becky with a DDT on the chair.

Liv Morgan then followed up with Oblivion to win the match and the WWE Women’s World Championship. After the match Dominik looked upset as he realized he inadvertently helped Liv pick up the win. Dominik stared at Liv Morgan with a frustrated look on his faced as he watched her walk out with the title belt.