The Queen Of Harts finds herself walking into Hell In A Cell as the SmackDown Women’s Title. Natalya has been a mainstay of WWE’s Women’s Division for a long time now and her veteran influence on the roster continues to pay off in huge dividends.

However being someone with so much experience like Natalya can sometimes get overwhelming as she opened up to TV Insider about one Superstar who got on her nerves due to the constant desire for a mentor’s advice.

“I was ready to bodyslam her in China. She was asking way too many questions” Nattie said.

The upcoming seventh season of Total Divas will feature the return of Tyson Kidd. Natalya’s husband, Kidd hasn’t been seen on Total Divas since his in-ring career-ending injury after taking a muscle buster from Samoa Joe the wrong way. The spot took place during a dark match at a Raw taping and was a tragic circumstance, to say the least.

Reports were WWE took Kidd off of Total Divas initially because they didn’t want the visual representation of a botched move to be a constant depressing reminder of the dangerous effects of the pro wrestling business. But Tyson Kidd is now a road agent with WWE and he’s set to return to Total Divas soon enough. Natalya opened up about her husband’s return to the show where she talked about how good things are for herself and Tyson Kidd at this stage and also opened up about meeting Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan’s daughter for the first time.

“Tyson came back to the show and jumped into a new role in WWE that he loves. So, we are both in happy places. But the first time I met Brie and Bryan’s Birdie I was telling my husband, ‘So much has changed for us. Birdie almost makes me want to have a baby.’ Granted, I’m not in that place in my life yet, but Birdie is like no other baby I ever met. She is the best of Bryan and Brie. She is just so good-natured. I’ve never seen her cry. She could give any girl baby fever.”