mick foley

Mick Foley just finished up a nice long run as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw, and it’s believed that he’ll be taking some time off to undergo surgery on his hip. Mick had an incredible career inside the ring, but with his age and health issues it seems highly unlikely that we’ll ever see him wrestle another match, still, it’s fun to talk about.

However, Mick Foley does have a name in mind in regards to who he would like to wrestle if he could. Screen Geek recently caught up with the former Raw General Manager at Toronto ComicCon and when they asked him who his ideal opponent would be, he named Triple H.

“Hey man, you know I can’t go back, as much as I’d love to (laughs). But if I could, would be fun to face off against Triple H again, [would be] great to take him on one more time. Also, how about a tag-team match with the Foleys against the McMahons? Who wouldn’t want that?”

Triple H and Mick Foley have a long history together and Triple H was the man who originally retired Foley when he defeated him in a Hell in a Cell match at No Way Out in 2000. Luckily for Mick, he was brought back for the main event of WrestleMania 16, but he failed to win the title.

If you could see Mick Foley return to the ring for one more match, who would you want to see him face? Sound off in the comments below.