mick foley

Mick Foley returned to WWE in the summer of 2016 when he was revealed to be the new Raw General Manager. It was revealed a few months ago that Foley needed to undergo hip surgery, and he was written off TV when Stephanie McMahon fired him. This week was a big one for the former Raw GM, as he finally went under the knife.

The surgery was successful, and Mick decided to share a little update with fans via Facebook, as he posted the following:

“My mind wrote a lot of checks during the course of my career – and more often than not, it was my right hip that paid the bill. I always realized there would be a price to pay for having the privilege of taking flight on so many occasions – and I have been paying that price for quite a few years. I had my right hip replaced on Wednesday, and I hope it is the game changer that so many claim it is. It certainly would be nice to lay down at night…or wake up in the morning without the constant reminder of all those checks I wrote in my younger days. As it turns out, what I did was never flying – it was falling with style. But it’s funny how falling feels like flying..at least for a little while.”

This week on Impact, Karen Jarrett announced that Impact Wrestling has merged with Global Force Wrestling. It was also announced that there will be a Global Force Wrestling Women’s Championship match on Impact next week, as Christina Von Eerie will be defending against Ava Storie.