donald trump

The entire McMahon Family (including Triple H) was in Washington, D.C. yesterday to see their matriarch confirmed for her new job as head of the Small Business Administration. The entire McMahon clan had the opportunity for a photo op with President Donald Trump in the process while Trump held a picture of an iconic moment in WrestleMania history which portrayed one billionaire shaving another billionaire bald.

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Vince McMahon actually missed the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view in Phoenix as well as this week’s Raw and SmackDown tapings in Las Vegas and Anaheim for this reason.

Whether you love our current President, or you simply try your best not to pay attention to your Facebook feed, it is undeniable that everyone has some kind of opinion of him. But, it is important to remember that Donald J. Trump was a WWE Hall of Famer long before he became President of the United States.

Writer for the Guardian, Philadelphia Magazine, and New York Magazine Dan McQuade recently made a superb observation about our 45th President which he shared on Twitter and since you’re awesome, we’ll share it with you as well.

Good stuff.

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