linda mcmahon

Linda McMahon is expected to be sworn in tomorrow as an official member of Donald Trump’s cabinet. She was approved by an 18-1 margin with overwhelming bi-partisan support with her only thumbs down coming from democrat Cory Booker.

So, it finally happened – a comedian’s wet dream… Linda McMahon has been named a member of Donald Trump’s team. She is going to be the head of the small business administrator’s office. Because, as we all know World Wrestling Entertainment is just a rinky-dink operation and so small, so very very small. But to be honest, this very well might be a wise move on Trump’s part.

Let it be known that this writer is not taking a political stance on anything. There will be no endorsement or condemning of any president in this piece. This article is simply intended to present some facts about Linda McMahon’s new position. It’ll be like throwing wet spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks. Also, in no way is this writer comparing Linda McMahon to wet spaghetti, even though both are delicious.

True, Vince McMahon is probably the better decision, but Linda is the politician and Vince McMahon is the professional wrestling titan. But over time the members of the McMahon family have become quite good at turning nothing into everything.

Have you ever heard the old stories where Vince McMahon talks about growing up poor in a trailer park? That’s because he did. McMahon spent a great deal of his childhood with his mother after his parents split, therefore he never had a very much contact with his wrestling promoter father.

The McMahon family could be compared to a circus family of sorts. Only this circus had one act, and that was sports entertainment. They effectively put all of their eggs in one basket and took an extreme risk along the way.

Sports entertainment has proven to be their bread-and-butter because we are all aware of the McMahon family’s failed attempt at businesses that didn’t have “World Wrestling” in the company’s name.

But through it all, even when the government themselves came after the McMahon family in an extremely botched steroid trial, the McMahons have continued to thrive and make money, money, money. So, this leaves us to ask the question, is this a wise move?

Well… kinda.

In all honesty, what do we want in our leaders who make decisions that affect certain aspects of humanity? We want those leaders to be able to understand what it is like to be in the position of the people that you affect. Linda McMahon realizes what it is like to have a business and know all of the inner workings of it, fight with the economy to help that business sustain its growth, and evolve into something bigger.

The fact is that WWE is a successful business. And, they essentially started with a dream to take something that wasn’t and make it something that is a world-wide success.

Nobody is going to defend some of the business practices that Vince McMahon might have indulged himself in throughout the years to get where he is on top of the professional wrestling business, like the tactics he employed to win the Monday Night Wars and before that, the territory invasion. On top of that, who knows what is in the future for the McMahon family in regards to what they will do to keep the WWE afloat?

When considering the impending class action lawsuit against the company by former employees, some would say they like their grapes on the sour side. It seems like every time the WWE can swat one of those lawsuits down another one pops up like they’re a company inside a swarm of lawsuits that bug them like gnats. Add that with the current world-wide invasion that WWE might or might not be engaged with in the UK, Asia, and Latin America and you can see the point that is being made here. The McMahon family will do anything to sustain their company and stay on top.

The best idea for WWE as a product is to keep political undertones out of the commentary on Raw and SmackDown, as long as a separation is kept in consideration in that regard then fans who don’t approve of the current administration shouldn’t revolt. But, to be honest we are a little bit shocked that WWE hasn’t pointed out the fact yet on television that the President of the United States of America is in the WWE Hall of Fame.

One thing is for sure, WWE fans have a brand-new reason to pay a lot more attention to what’s going on with the Small Business Administration.

The McMahon family have made it no secret who they were supporting for President of United States during the last election, and that has definitely paid off in this case. Their alleged $5 million donation to Trump’s campaign very well might have landed Linda this spot along with her merit.

Let’s just hope that there can be a certain system of checks and balances to ensure that our humanity as individuals isn’t lost in the eyes of this new and unfamiliar administration.

Therefore, God bless America… and the McMahon Family