matt hardy

The trials of TNA were legendary. Now that they’re property of Anthem and have become Impact Wrestling one would hope those troubles are in the rear view mirror and a distant memory. But Matt Hardy would say otherwise. He should know though, he was there for a long time and has a very good idea about how things work around there.

Billy Corgan recently agreed to buy the NWA, but before that he was trying to gain ownership of TNA. There were a lot of people pulling for Corgan to purchase Total Nonstop Action too including Matt Hardy. It’s no secret the entire Billy Corgan/TNA situation was wrought with controversy. Billy put in a lot of money and was under the assumption he was buying TNA. Eventually it ended up in court and everything was settled there.

One fan recently commented to Matt Hardy: “TNA was forgotten until Matt unleashed his broken brilliance last year. I wish Billy Corgan had got the company.”

It is true in a sense because the Broken Universe was one of the best things about TNA, let alone all of pro wrestling for the better part of 2016. Matt Hardy was more than candid with his reply. He’s obviously no fan of Impact Wrestling or Jeff Jarrett at this point by the tone of his response.

When Impact Wrestling and GFW recently merged there wasn’t much thought given to it. But Impact Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling sharing the same television program could seem a little odd. GFW and Impact are both Jeff Jarrett’s babies. He’s tried partnerships for GFW and other avenues of cross-promotion in the past, but nothing has seemed to do the trick.

Now GFW and Impact Wrestling seem to be under the same roof. GFW championship titles are being defended on Impact’s television time and their stars seem to be interchangeable. It might not be a big deal at first glance, but Matt Hardy’s analysis on the matter makes us really think about the true intentions of this merger.


  1. Are you really that fucking dumb, infact Matt Hardy comes off as dumb as he does when it comes to legal arguments.The GFW/Impact titles are being unified to bring in the new belts at Slammiversary. THAT IS THE ANGLE. GFW dies at Slammiversary. Are people really that dense not to figure it out?!

    Matt Hardy can go cry in the corner without his Broken gimmick and his attention seeking wife. Now I know how Lita felt, dude needs to get over it.