mark henry

Mark Henry is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but he hasn’t been spending much time wrestling in the ring as late. Henry has a reached a much quieter chapter in his career, but the former champion recently noted that he doesn’t consider himself retired from in-ring competition.

But luckily for Henry, his downtime has presented some interesting opportunities, and it was announced today that he’s joined Busted Open Radio as a host.

According to the official press release, Mark Henry’s debut on the show is today, and he’ll be joining the show every Tuesday. Henry will also be taking calls from listeners to talk about ongoing storylines and other highlights from the world of professional wrestling.

“I love wrestling and absolutely adore our fans. I’m very excited to join the Busted Open and SiriusXM family. Fans will enjoy great weekly analysis, special behind the scenes insight and we will all have a lot of fun,” said Henry.

Mark Henry has had a long career in the wrestling business so there’s no doubt that his knowledge and experience will bring an interesting perspective to the show.

Busted Open is hosted by LaGreca and longtime wrestler Bully Ray on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.