This week WWE was originally advertising that Austin Theory would defend his United States Championship against Santos Escobar on SmackDown, but that’s not what ended up happening.

While Santos Escobar was doing a backstage interview Austin Theory ambushed him and attacked his leg. Later in the show Escobar was shown backstage as a medical official checked on him. Santos Escobar confirmed that he was good to go for the match.

As Santos Escobar was making his entrance he was attacked once again by Austin Theory who targeted his leg. The LWO then came out to check on Santos Escobar as did Adam Pearce. It was then announced by Adam Pearce that Austin Theory wouldn’t be getting off easy because Santos Escobar was being replaced by Rey Mysterio.

Before the bell even rang Rey Mysterio beat Austin Theory down and then the match officially kicked off. Theory and Mysterio went back and forth in a hard fought match and at one point Mysterio hit a 619 on Theory’s lower back.

Mysterio went for the 619 on Austin Theory’s face but Theory blocked it. Austin Theory then put Rey Mysterio up on his shoulders then collapsed as his lower back went out.

Rey Mysterio went for the 619 again then hit it and followed up with a splash to win the United States Championship. After the match he celebrated with the LWO.