At SummerSlam last weekend Jey Uso challenged Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship but he failed to win the title after his brother interfered. Jimmy Uso pulled Jey out of the ring as Jey was pinning Roman then he hit him with a superkick which led to Roman getting the win.

This week Roman Reigns made an appearance on Friday Night SmackDown, and Jimmy Uso appeared at ringside. Jimmy made his way into the ring as Roman told Jimmy that he owes him one.

Roman Reigns asked Jimmy Uso what he wanted then he offered him a car, a yacht, or a jet. Jimmy declined and said that what happened at SummerSlam had nothing to do with Roman. He followed up by saying he doesn’t want anything from The Tribal Chief. Roman laughed at Jimmy Uso not wanting material things. He said that Jimmy must now know who he is then Roman offered him power, but Jey Uso came out and confronted Jey.

Jey grabbed the mic aggressively and said he was about to throw away 37 years unless Jimmy explained why he did it. Jimmy told Jey that he did what he did because he loves him and was afraid to lose him. He said that Jey would have inherited some type of power that would have corrupted him like Roman Reigns. Jey told his brother that he would never be able to live if his brother became an “a*****e” like Roman Reigns.

Jimmy said if Jey hates him that’s fine, but he didn’t do what he did to take anything away from Jey, he did it because he loves him. He then told Jey if he wanted to kick his face then he could. Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman looked on as Jimmy waited for the kick. It never came so Jimmy left the ring.

Roman Reigns laughed and told Jey that he’s been telling him he would mess everything up because he’s a hot head who gets caught up in his emotions. Jey Uso then superkicked Roman Reigns and Solo Siko attacked Jey. Solo went for the Samoan Spike, but Jey countered with a superkick followed up by Roman hitting Jey with the Superman Punch.

The Tribal Chief set Jey up for a spear as Jimmy walked away toward the backstage area. Jey Uso countered with a superkick and a spear on Roman then grabbed the mic and told Jimmy to hold up. He called his brother back down to the ring. Jimmy approached Jey with his arms out for a hug, but Jey superkicked his brother.

Jey Uso then stood by the barricade and said he’s out of The Bloodline, he’s out of SmackDown, and he’s out of WWE. Main Event Jey Uso then left through the crowd and exited the arena.