The last few weeks have been an interesting time in the world of professional wrestling as some big moves are being made. It was reported back in August that Brian Pillman Jr. had signed with WWE, but he has yet to officially debut on television.

Recently WWE has been airing vignettes on NXT programming promoting the arrival of a mystery competitor, and fans have been speculating that the vignettes were made to hype up the debut of Brian Pillman Jr.

USA Network recently put together an article confirming that Brian Pillman Jr. is indeed the man behind the vignettes with the following reveal included:

“The rumors are true: Brian Pillman, Jr. is the latest pro wrestling prodigy to make the jump to WWE!

Following in the footsteps of megastar-in-the-making Jade Cargill is Pillman, Jr., who eagle-eyed members of the WWE Universe noticed making a blink-and-you-missed-it appearance during NXT No Mercy on September 30:

It’s yet another savvy signing by WWE as they pluck yet another aspiring Superstar away from the competition and welcome another world-class athlete to the WWE locker room. Here’s why the WWE Universe should be excited for the eventual in-ring debut of Brian Pillman, Jr.!”

At this point in time it has not been revealed when Brian Pillman Jr. will start making appearances on WWE programming. Stay tuned for updates.