shane mcmahon

The early booking plans for WrestleMania 33 were for Shane McMahon to face Brock Lesnar. The seeds for this feud were planted at Summerslam when Lesnar hit Shane McMahon with the F5 after he knocked out Randy Orton and busted him open hard way with a vicious series of elbow strikes. Although the writing was on the wall for this match at the time, it appears that plans have changed for Shane-O Mac.

Of course, Shane vs. Brock Lesnar was the plan before Bill Goldberg came back in the WWE picture, but the current plans for WrestleMania 33 are for Brock Lesnar to face Goldberg in the third chapter of their rivalry. Although Shane has lost Brock as a dance partner at WrestleMania 33, RingsideNews reports that there are still plans for him to wrestle at the Camping World Stadium on April 2nd.

However, at this time it is still unknown who Shane McMahon’s opponent will be. It is expected that he will wrestle someone from the Smackdown roster, but the genesis of this upcoming rivalry remains to be seen.

There are a couple of prospects for Shane’s opponent at “the granddaddy of them all,” and even though Vince might have the match booked, he isn’t letting anybody in on his secret just yet. Expect Shane to be paired up with a Smackdown superstar in the upcoming weeks leading to a match at WrestleMania 33.