new day

The New Day have been one of the best things on WWE TV over the past two years and they even managed to put their names in the history books at the end of last year when they surpassed Demolition’s record title reign with the WWE Tag Team Championships.

It was then thought that following their defeat to Cesaro and Sheamus back at Roadblock, the team would split and all three members would instead be pushed as singles stars reminiscent of The Shield, to equalise on their popularity, but this isn’t the case.

Instead, it seems that The New Day are set to remain together for the foreseeable future because WWE has no creative plans for them. The company has come to a standstill when it comes to coming up with ideas for the trio.

There was an idea to turn the group heel again since they did begin their run together as heels, but because they are such popular stars and one of the biggest merchandise sellers in the company, WWE doesn’t want to ruin that by turning them heel and seeing the fans then turn against them.

There is also the fact that all three members have now announced that they will be in the Royal Rumble match, and that could then have led to some sort of tension in the group if one member eliminated another, but there are also no plans for this either.

It seems that WWE are set to allow Big E to have a huge singles push in the coming months, but he will remain part of The New Day whilst this is happening. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston could well be set to do the same thing as well, and always have two friends as back up.

Much like The Wyatt Family and The Shield before them, those groups were always allowed to go out and have singles success whilst being part of a group. Luke Harper won the Intercontinental Championship whilst still teaming with The Wyatt Family and Dean Ambrose was the longest reigning United States Champion of the modern era, whilst Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns became Tag Team Champions.

The Shield never used “The Freebird Rule” when they won the Tag Team Championships, but The New Day have enjoyed being able to switch around the team over the past 18 months when it comes to defending their titles. This meant that the three members were never able to branch out from the team because they could be needed at any point.

There were times when Big E was injured so he was missing for a few weeks after an attack at the hands of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, and Xavier Woods went missing for a few weeks when he married his long-time girlfriend last year as well.

This is the longest that The New Day have been apart for over past two and a half years, so it will be interesting to see how WWE pushes all three stars whilst still keeping the team as a group since it’s a dynamic that The New Day isn’t used to.

WWE seems to agree with the WWE Universe that The New Day are becoming stale and they do need to do something to freshen up their gimmick once again, but the only option the company can come up with is a heel turn. This obviously wouldn’t work very well on Raw anyway, since there is already Gallows and Anderson at the head of heel tag team pile.

To allow Kofi and Xavier to become glorified cheerleaders to help Big E to become a huge singles star would be a waste of the talent that the duo share. It would be a much better idea to allow Xavier and Kofi to either have singles pushes of their own or go after The Tag Team Championships as a duo instead.

After all, Xavier was a huge star in NXT and Kofi had singles success of his own before he was made a part of The New Day, he had even won the tag titles before with CM Punk, Evan Bourne and R-Truth.

WWE knows the talent that they have in The New Day, but they have no idea what to do to help them move forward as a group, which means at least for the next few months, the WWE Universe shouldn’t “dare to be sour,” because their longest reigning tag team champions will still be a cohesive unit.