Last week it was revealed that Ken Anderson had been released from TNA. He allegedly worked a match with Eric Young while under the influence at a recent Impact taping, and the match was said to be so bad that it was cut from the show. Anderson was then given a drug test, which he failed and then he was released from the company.

Ken Anderson recently spoke to Pro Wrestling Report about his controversial TNA release. When asked about the circumstances of his TNA departure, Anderson simply said that it was time for him to move on. He said that he had been there for 6 years and that he’s really enjoying doing work on the independent scene. He didn’t comment on the allegations regarding him working a match under the influence.

He was also asked if he would be entertain the idea of a return to WWE if they called. Ken told the host “I guess I would entertain just about anything right now. I would at least think about it.”

The timing of his release seems to be quite unfortunate as it’s being reported that TNA had plans to give Anderson a big push. According to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, TNA was going to give the Mr. Anderson character a new lease on life by giving him his own talk show called “Huh?” The segment aired on January 12 and TNA officials apparently like it so much that they planned to make it a reoccurring segment.

Ken Anderson is a former two time TNA World Champion and for a long time he was considered to be one of the top stars in the company. But 2015 wasn’t his best year in TNA as he wasn’t used much. At a recent ICW event, Anderson broke the news telling the crowd that he no longer works for the company, followed up by an emphatic “F**k TNA.”