Photo: WWE

WWE has announced that Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens will be facing AJ Styles in what appears to be a non-title match on this week’s episode of SmackDown.

Styles and Owens faced off over the weekend in a 30 minute Iron Man Match in Atlantic City with the title on the line. Owens retained with a final tally of 2-1.

After the match Kevin Owens grabbed the mic and put over AJ Styles over big time. He said Styles is one of the absolute best in the world, but of course he said the same thing about himself as well. Owens said the two would face off again, they shook hands and Styles left. It was a great, out of character moment, but things quickly went back to normal.

Owens then went on a tyrannical rant about how great he is. So Styles got back up on the apron, and sent Owens packing after hitting him with the Phenomenal Forearm. You can check it out below.

Styles is caught up in a feud with Jericho and it looks like they could be heading toward Jericho vs Styles IV at WrestleMania 32. However it’s also rumored that WWE is planning to have Kevin Owens defend his Intercontinental Championship in some sort of multi-man match at Mania.

It’s unclear if WWE has plans to involve the Styles/Jericho feud in that match, but we could get an indication of whats in store for Styles and Owens on SmackDown this Thursday.

Owens was asked a few weeks ago if he would be interested in facing AJ Styles at WrestleMania 32. He told The Mirror that AJ Styles isn’t on his level.

“No not at all actually, I feel like AJ is not on my level. He’s got to cut his teeth in WWE a little before he can even think about coming after somebody like me. He’s just got here, he’s pretty new and he’s a bit of a rookie.” Owens said.