Last night the Chris Jericho vs Neville match on Raw took a turn for the worst when Neville went for a baseball slide and fractured his left ankle. Following the injury, Chris Jericho improvised the finish when he shoved referee Charles Robinson to cause a disqualification which ended the match early.

According to, Jericho tried to take control of the match after he found out Neville was injured. He attempted to inform referee Charles Robinson that he was ending the match and he rolled Neville up. Robinson called the match like a shoot, as all referees are instructed to do, and he ended the count because he saw Neville’s shoulder was up. That’s when Jericho got up and shoved Robinson to end the match.

After the match ended Chris Jericho shoved Charles Robinson once again and the two continued to scream at each other. Apparently the argument we saw on Raw after the match ended was legit. It was noted by Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live that things got very awkward during the exchange, but apparently everybody cooled down when they got backstage.

Charles Robinson noted on Twitter that he was feeling guilty because he may have said a bad word during the argument. He offered a sincere apology.

Neville also commented on his injury thanking everyone for their support.