Johnny Gargano is one of the best babyfaces we’ve seen in a long time. The funny part is he can also be a great heel as well because he has basked in the heat from crowds a time or two before. But at this point, he’s in a top feud in NXT and even though his battles with Tommaso Ciampa haven’t been for the NXT Title one could argue they’ve meant more than that.

Only time will tell how Gargano will be used on the main roster but they will have to shoot him to the moon in order to top some of the incredible moments he’s creating with The Sicilian Psychopath. There are a lot of things left for Johnny Gargano to check off of his list and he’s gotten to a few of them already. But he still needs to win a major singles title in WWE and perform on the Grandest Stage Of Them All at WrestleMania.

However, Johnny Wrestling got to experience an incredible moment recently when he went out shopping and stumbled across himself… literally. Gargano will have plenty of chances to be immortalized in action figure form in the future and he’s actually been given his own custom-made figures by fans in the past but it was something special when he came across his own official NXT action figure.

I’m assuming he’s at Target because of the signage and the fact I’m pretty sure they have an exclusive deal with that NXT line. I would also like to know which Target he’s shopping at because the only good figures at my Target already have the accessories stolen out of them. Gargano also took the chance to move himself around a little bit to encourage children’s imaginations so maybe they could buy a Johnny Gargano figure and let him join the Power Rangers just like little Johnny Wrestling always wanted.

Gargano said it was a surreal moment but it was a well-deserved one. As time goes on there will probably be plenty more of those moments for him as well. Just think, someday we might walk into a store, look at the WWE figures and say, “they only have John Cenas and Johnny Garganos and I already have all the Garganos.”

But for now, it was pretty cool for Johnny Gargano to find himself before someone bought him for their own collection.

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