When you become a WWE Superstar one of the first things you have to worry about besides your gimmick and move-set is how long it will be until you finally get your first Mattel action figure. Well, it might not be high up on everyone’s list but it should be. The reality is just the fact that your likeness is available in retail stores adds to your name’s real estate. It’s also super cool to see yourself in action figure form.

Sure, there are services you can pay for online to get your own action figure but wouldn’t you rather do it this way? Because Johnny Gargano certainly would. When his new action figure was recently debuted there was no shortage of excitement from Johnny Wrestling as he tweeted out a picture of himself in action figure form with several emojis to illustration is elation.

It’s been a long road for Johnny Gargano and while he’s had fans make him custom figures in the past seeing this had to be a benchmark for his career. It’s a pretty nice looking figure if we do say so ourselves. It took a lot of working in high school gyms and other such venues that couldn’t hold his outstanding talent but Gargano seems to have finally made it.

Since Johnny is no longer a part of Team DIY, who knows how far his career will take him now. He has legions of supporters and we’re sure as soon as Mattel notices how well his first figure sells there will be plenty more where that came from.

Johnny’s wife Candice LeRae commented on how good Johnny’s new figure looks too. She said it’s almost as stunning as the real thing. She must be really into her husband which is a good thing because if she wasn’t this pro wrestling couple might not have made it this far. But since LeRae thinks Gargano’s action figure looks good then they can stay married.



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