john morrison

Randy Orton recently got a lot of people talking when he made some comments about independent wrestling on Twitter. People all throughout the wrestling world have been responding to what Randy Orton had to say, and former WWE star John Morrison was recently asked to share his thoughts on the Lucha Lowdown podcast.

Morrison said that although he thinks it was a good critique, he doesn’t share Randy’s feelings about the professional wrestling business.

“I think it’s a good critique of Indy Wrestling, especially from Randy’s point of view, but I don’t feel that way at all. I feel ultimately wrestling is for the people, for the fans. I’m a fan of wrestling, I always have been, and a lot of the stuff I have jumped out of my chair for recently and been excited about throughout my career was fast paced, hard hitting, high flying action. I also got really excited for stories and invested in characters. Punching my buddies in the shoulder when Undertaker’s music hit and he was walking towards the ring. Same thing with HBK, and Hogan. There is room for all of it, although (laughter) for some reason knowing Randy it just feels like a lot of people are taking that tweet really seriously. (laughter)”

Regardless of how people reacted to the comments, the former Intercontinental Champion said that he thinks it’s always good to get people talking.

“Who knows if someone pissed on his cornflakes some morning, and he was watching some Indy wrestling, and felt like putting something out there, good. I think the more of that stuff the better. Opinions are great especially in wrestling because it gives people something to talk about, and debate about.”

This summer WWE will be holding an all women’s tournament, and there have been some interesting rumors circulating as of late in regards to who will be calling the action at the commentary table.

No word on who his partner might be, but WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has confirmed that he will be calling the tournament.