WWE’s WrestleMania is the Granddaddy Of Them All and many cities all over the world would love to host the destination event. Mania historically means a lot of money coming into a city after all.

John Cena wasn’t on Raw this week which was good for Roman Reigns because he got to do the promo Cena cut on Roman’s cousin Rocky in 2012. After all, it’s much easier to cut a promo on someone if they’re not there to defend themselves, especially if that someone is as skilled on the mic as Big Match John.

Cena was actually in China so he couldn’t make the trip to San Jose for Raw. While touring around to spread the message of WWE’s existence he spoke to South China Morning Post in Shenzhen.

During the interview, John was asked about the chances of having a top Chinese name in WWE as well as the possibility of China getting the opportunity to host a WrestleMania down the line.

“I think the possibilities are endless. Absolutely endless,” Cena replied. “Not only do I see potential success for Chinese superstars to move through the ranks, I envision a world where we do television broadcasts from over here.”

“I envision a world where we do WrestleMania from here. So I would love to create a culture in China surrounding WWE, that’s with a strong developmental system for our superstars and hopefully a greater and greater live event presence. We encourage our audience to be in it and involved as they want. That culture is what really is going to drive our increased presence here. I hope I can encourage the crowd here to be … respectfully excited.”

Although it might sound like a pretty lofty goal, maybe WWE needs to consider eventually hosting the Show Of Shows in China if they want to really secure that huge fan base.