Jim Ross is back with a new blog where he talks about the later Roddy Piper, John Cena and more. You can check it out by clicking HERE and read some highlights below:

Roddy Piper:

“Roddy was the perfect pro wresting villain because he was fearless, he had no issues putting his own safety at risk, and had no desire to be ‘cool’ back in the day but to be a truly despised individual that lived up to his casting/booking and to fulfill all the obligations his bosses and his opponent needed and that was to make the customers pay money to come see Rod get his comeuppance. Roddy had no issues ‘retreating’ when the moment called for it and was always willing to cheat to gain an unfair advantage to win a match via unethical methods which are so lacking today by the majority of pro wrestling’s villains. Without Roddy Piper WWF would have had a more challenging time in developing their new presentation headed by super hero Hulk Hogan in the mid 80’s with the launch of Wrestlemania 1 where Vince McMahon essentially mortgaged his company’s entire future on the success of that one event. Rowdy Roddy Piper’s contributions to Wrestlemania 1 can never be discounted. The true art of being a pro wrestling villain is becoming a fleeting skill set that will, in time, erode the basic foundation of the business itself if it isn’t addressed.”

John Cena getting hate:

“Seems as if it’s only the most uneducated and novice of wrestling fans who can truly dislike John Cena especially after watching his performance with a grotesquely broken nose on RAW. I can see where some may not enjoy John as much as others because he is “overexposed” in their view but to verbally castrate him for any other reason is borderline stupidity.”

Ronda Rousey’s dominance:

“The amazing Ronda Rousey did it again Saturday night in Brazil with a first round knock out. There have been few athletes in my life time who have been as dominate in their sport as @RondaRousey is in MMA. Michael Jordan in the NBA, Mike Tyson in boxing and Wayne Gretzky in the NHL quickly come to mind. She’s leading the way for women to strive to excel in their chosen fields of endeavor and thus creating new fans of female sports that will help countless women over time. I think that Rousey’s popularity in MMA and her stardom around the world has contributed to WWE’s renewed interest in developing the female side of their roster.”