Carmella is a woman on the WWE roster that is sometimes overlooked. She worked hard to earn her spot in NXT and even though she was hitched to Enzo and Big Cass for much of her run in developmental she was eventually able to shine on her own. When Big Cass and Enzo made the jump to Raw they left her behind to continue her growth.

Carmella was drafted to SmackDown Live during the draft last year and recently joined forces with James Ellsworth because they needed something to do with the chinless wonder. The two are drawing considerable heat too. But as hated as Carmella might be, she’s still getting attention and praise from many people.

Jim Ross recently put Carmella over in a big way in his blog. JR giving these kinds of props to anyone is a really big deal and he didn’t hold anything back when talking about the noticeable improvements in The Princess Of Staten Island.

“On SDLIve, I especially enjoyed Carmella’s performance as she fed the comeback extremely well and did a great job of selling and subsequently submitting while ‘doing the honors.’ Carmella’s skill set is noticeably improving. Carmella’s work enhanced the perception of both Becky Lynch and Charlotte which was exactly the task at hand.”

In the latest edition of The Observer, it is noted that Lita will probably be joining Jim Ross on commentary for the Mae Youg Classic.

There are a few rumored broadcast partners for Jim Ross at this point, like Renee Young among others. Of course, until something official is announced it will all be speculation. Meltzer said at this point the rumor is the announce team for the Mae Young Classic will be JR and Lita.

WWE is also looking to bring in Vyper for the Mae Young Classic as well but some current contractual obligations with ITV’s World Of Sport show might hinder her participation in the tournament. The 26-year-old female Scottish powerhouse would certainly make a good addition to the tournament if WWE can bring her in.