global force wrestling

Jeff Jarrett’s new company Global Force Wrestling has announced that they’ve signed a deal with 25/7 Productions and Dave Broome who createdNBC’s The Biggest Loser. As of right now there is still no TV deal in place but 25/7 will be producing GFW TV shows. There is also said to be a lot of interest from major cable companies.

Broome sent out the following press release.

“It’s easy to get excited about Global Force Wrestling when you get to know Jeff Jarrett and see his passion and understand his vision. He’s eager to bring a new perspective to professional wrestling, and we’re eager to help him achieve that goal.”

The press release also hypes up the fact that Global Force Wrestling plans on doing 52 weeks of television a year some of which will be live and some of which will be taped.

“It just won’t be a bunch of wrestling matches; we have exciting announcements to come. TNA or WWE right now is match after match after match. Global Force Wrestling is not going to do that. There will be matches but there will be a lot more and a lot more variety placed into the actual events that will be really innovative and fresh,” Broome said.