Jeff Hardy wrestled during Total Nonstop deletion in the third match of the night, and he wrestled as Itchweeed with three e’s. He made his way to the Dome of Deletion wielding a weed whacker, and then he entered the ring.

The match was contested under House Hardy rules, but Jeremy Borash noted that they didn’t receive clarification as to what those rules entailed.

Itchweeed faced off against Chet Sterling and they fought back and forth for a while before they they both passed out from sleeper holds. The commentators noted that Itchweeed probably has some type of narcolepsy. The crowd then started to chant “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” They both got up before the 10 count and continued the match.

Itchweeed set up a table outside the ring and then hit Chet Sterling with an elbow drop through the table. The action then continued inside the ring and Itchweeed put Chet away with a move called the Pesticide Elbow.